ERP Update Q2 2021 – New Features + Improved UX

Eeman Bulotano
May 31, 2021

New Features! New Reports! New UX! This calls for a Pizza Party!

ERP Updates from Hooman

As we continue working hard to ensure that we’re always providing accessible and affordable digital experiences here in the Philippines, we are happy to share some new things about our ERP Services.

Pricing Update

We redesigned our pricing and packages to make it even more flexible and sustainable to our customers. Introducing our Starter and Pro ERP Plans. These new plans give companies of any size have the option to get the most out of their budgets. This, combined with our Active User Pricing where we don’t charge you per user registered to your ERP but to the concurrent or simultaneous users aims to provide more options and more choices to more companies.

ERPNext v13

We’ve waited for quite a while but wew, finally, it’s here. ERPNext v13 has been released and we’ve been piloting it to some of our clients lately. Check out what’s new:


  • New and refreshed POS
  • Distributed Cost Center
  • Process Bulk Statement Of Accounts
  • More controlled deferred revenue booking
  • Dunning
  • Journal Entry Template
  • POS Register report

Loan Management

  • Loan Application
  • Loan
  • Loan Security Pledge
  • Loan Disbursement
  • Loan Repayment
  • Loan Interest Accrual
  • Loan Write Off


  • Refactored Healthcare Module
  • Rehabilitation Module
  • Laboratory Module
  • Patient Progress Page
  • Inpatient Medication Order and Entry
  • Therapy Plan Template
  • Multi-company support in Healthcare
  • Inpatient Medication Orders Script Report
  • Patient History Enhancements


  • Putaway
  • More accurate stock valuation in case of back-dated stock transactions
  • Repost item costing via background job
  • Item valuation for internal stock transfers
  • Multi-currency in Landed Cost Voucher
  • Formula based Quality Inspection
  • Value Based and Numeric Quality Inspection
  • Return tracking in PR/DN


  • Production forecasting using the Exponential Smoothing method
  • BOM Template
  • Downtime Entry
  • Quality Inspection on Job Card
  • New Reports
    • Production Planning Report (#21763)
    • BOM Operations Time (#21763)
    • Work Order Summary (#21430)
    • Job card Summary (#21430)
    • Downtime Analysis (#21430)
    • Quality Inspection (#21430)


  • Leave policy assignment
  • In and Out time in attendance
  • Shift management
  • Recruitment analytics
  • Bulk Mark Attendance
  • Leave type with partial payment
  • New and enhanced reports
    • Employee Analytics (#21705)
    • Employee Leave Balance (#20754)
    • Employee Leave Balance Summary (#20754)


  • Multi-currency payroll
  • Payroll based on attendance
  • Payroll based on employee cost center
  • Recurring Additional Salary
  • Compute Year to Date for Salary Slip components
  • New Reports
    • Income Tax Deductions
    • Professional Tax Deductions
    • Provident Fund Deductions
    • Total Salary Payments Based on Payment Mode
    • Salary Payments via ECS


  • Social Media Post
  • Make Quotation against Blanket Order
  • Calendar View for Opportunity


  • Batch wise item pricing
  • Refreshed shopping cart
  • Territory-wise Sales Report


  • Multi UOM support in Request for Quotation
  • Provision to make RFQ against Opportunity
  • Item Rate in Stock UOM in the purchase cycle

New Reports

  • Requested Items To Order (#21611)
  • Purchase Order Analysis (#21611)
  • Supplier Quotation Comparison report (#23323)


  • Project template with dependent tasks
  • Project Summary Report


  • Help Articles on the support portal
  • Issue Metrics and SLA Enhancements
  • Issue Summary Script Report
  • Issue Analytics Script Report


  • Woocommerce Integration
  • Telephony feature using Twillio
  • Voice Call Settings

Whoa. 🤩 Those are definitely a lot of new default things to look forward to for our ERP Services. Did we also mention that part of our roadmap this year’s to include new localized reports like BIR compliance stuff (VAT, Withholding Tax & Reports, VAT Relief, MAP, SAWT, 1601E, 1601E-Summary, 1604E, 2306, 2306-1, 2307, 2307M, 2307Q, 2550M, 2550M-EXT, 2550M-SAWT, 2550Q, 2550Q-EXT, RLF-IMPORT, RLF-PURCH, RLF-SALES) for Accounting and form 2316 and PH contributions for the HR & Payroll module. 

These features will also be coming soon with every project (new or existing) deployed with us. (Yay)

So kickstart your digital transformation today with us. Check out our ERP Services. See you, humans!


By: <a href="https://hooman.design/team/eeman" target="_blank">Eeman Bulotano</a>

By: Eeman Bulotano

Founder and Chief Digital Officer. Full Stack CX Design and Development. Digital Experience Professional. Business Development / Design. Branding. Beat Making.

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