LMS Update Q2 2021 – Student Activity Completion and More

Eeman Bulotano
May 17, 2021

Learning gets even more personalized for the price of a book.

Moodle 3.11 is out now

The latest release of Moodle, the core of our LMS Services, enhances the online learning experience for both educators and learners, including a new Accessibility checker toolkit and a new activity completion feature for learners.

Student activity completion

The new student activity completion, funded by the Moodle Users Association, allows you to display the completion criteria, opening dates, and closing dates for all Moodle activities on a course, both on the course page and from within each activity.

This enables your students to get a much clearer overview of their coursework at a glance, allowing them to organize their time better. You can read more on our Student activity completion blog post.

Accessibility checker

Moodle 3.11 integrates Brickfield Education Lab’s Accessibility Starter Toolkit, which helps identify common accessibility concerns in Moodle course content. All detected issues can then be displayed as a heatmap, as well as be found on a report with direct links for you to easily navigate to each issue and fix it.

Quiz Activity Improvement

Moodle 3.11 comes with a series of improvements on the Quiz activity for both course creators and students, including:

Settings retention: when you create a Quiz question with specific settings, these are stored so that they can be applied to the next question by default.

Word count for essay questions: you can now set up minimum and maximum word counts for Essay question answers, which will trigger a message for learners who don’t meet the word count requirement.

Checking Essay question answers for plagiarism: if your Moodle site has a plagiarism detector plugin installed, it can now check academic integrity for answers to Essay questions.

And so much more

  • Support for Open Badges v2.1, the latest standard for Digital Badges developed by IMS.
  • You can now completely customize user profile fields and lesser-used hard-coded fields have been removed.
  • Change the audio and video playback speed: VideoJS, Moodle’s integrated media player, now allows users to select the playback rate for video and audio files.
  • Improvements in H5P, including an option to create ‘unlisted’ H5P content that will not show up in the Content bank until you decide to make it public to other teachers.
  • Support for Shared Drives in Google Drive repository

Of course, these things go on top of all the features included with every LMS project deployed with us.🤩

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