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(Update!) Hooman Cloud Management Services: Unboxing and Unveiling Ancient Technology

Eeman Bulotano
August 21, 2022
Hooman Cloud Computing Management Services in the Philippines 2022 Announcement

Introducing a Latest Addition to Hooman’s Portfolio. Helping Humans Setup, Secure, Optimize, and Expand with Cloud Management Services.

Hello, humans. Eeman here again, writing about Hooman (Zero pun intended, swear). Just a quick update (…of many. Yeah. Stay tuned for the next one. 😅) on what’s up, what’s new and what’s next with your Human Agency in the Philippines.

Cloud Computing Before It Was “Cool”

Way way waaay back, before the idea of starting Hooman even sparked, I used to almost always never ever shut up about the Cloud (and write a lot about it too). This was like, maybe a decade ago when I and the founders of Hooman were still working together in an IT Infrastructure company. I was really excited about the idea of Cloud and SaaS allowing anything digital to be more accessible, connected, and reliable. But back then, the idea wasn’t something a lot of people buy into since native applications were still so much the go-to of a lot of humans, and of reliance on internet connectivity wasn’t really something anyone wants to be near. 

(Update!) Hooman Cloud Management Services: Unboxing and Unveiling Ancient Technology 1

But the internet was having the same trajectory as electricity before it. It seemed pretty possible that eventually, the internet would grow to become more accessible as the demand and supply balance themselves out. So I really wanted to enjoy adopting early to that. From the first iterations of Google Workspace (Google Suite back then), Dropbox (Whoa, do you even remember that??), when iCloud was still messy, Messaging apps, oh boy, and so on.

Even deployed a couple of web applications for work with open-source platforms (which I sincerely adore) It sounded like a fad before but yeah, eventually we’re all spamming each other with unlimited Viber messages and when was the last time you actually maintained a Flash Drive? OMG, what’s a Flash Drive?? JK. But yeah. You get the point. Now your browser can do so so much. We finally get to appreciate what doing things remotely can do. I mean, I don’t really have to explain this anymore since the context setting part of this blog’s getting too long. Yikes.

Cloudflare Launches in the PH with Computrade Tech

Starting Above with the Cloud/s Since Day 01

I think I’ve always been very upfront with humans about how Hooman started, we weren’t rich people funded by our parents. We needed to be very frugal about our expenses to make sure we were actually running a sustainable business and for sure, the cloud allowed us to kickstart providing our services without having to have so much unnecessary upfront costs. Deploying both internal and external projects. We were able to have everything from our own website to reach humans, our internal business management application (ERP) to monitor our overall operations, productivity apps, and so on. All done anytime and anywhere using any device. 

Without having the cloud as a non-negotiable foundation of our frameworks, we wouldn’t have been able to have experienced the growth we’re so lucky to be having since we started the company. Combining this along with our processes gave us a chance to focus on who we really are. Humans.

Expanding End-to-End Digital Transformation for Humans, by Humans, with Humans

As you may have recognized the pattern, that’s what we do, we do go beyond practicing what we preach. We preach what we practice. Everything we do or did or will be doing to do digital transformation within our operations, we share with humans who want to work with us. Digital Transformation isn’t the next big thing anymore, it’s a necessity and necessities should be more accessible to more humans. That’s what we aim for. 

And since we’ve always been doing the cloud in many different aspects of our business, we think it’s just about right to share those things with our clients. From our means of managing and monitoring our websites and applications, making sure they’re secure, automating our infrastructure, and even optimizing delivery. From Setup, Security, to Expansion and Optimization with the cloud, we’re adding a lot of Cloud Management Services to our portfolio for our new and existing clients to enjoy. This allows us to even more truly say that we do provide end-to-end digital transformation for humans, by humans, with humans.

New Cloud Management Services include Web Hosting Management, Email and Domain Management, IT Infrastructure Setup and Security, Cloud Optimization and Performance, and even Cloud Automation, we’re officially adding our service items for our clients to really have full-service digital transformation without having to spend everything they have.

(Update!) Hooman Cloud Management Services: Unboxing and Unveiling Ancient Technology 2

So yeah, whether you’re just looking for someone to help you host your website and emails, whether you want to ensure the security of your applications, ensure that your site’s really got fast load times (like ours. He he. Not flexing, just saying 🫣), we got something for you.

With all of these, combined with our other services, we can find a means for you to build your own digital transformation roadmap. All possible with our collaboration with Computrade Technology Philippines Inc., a leading IT Distribution Company in the Philippines that aims to redefine what a Value-Added Distributor means to their partners. Giving us access to even more technologies that work with each other and our own services to truly build end-to-end digital transformation. 

Enabling us to further expand our digital toolbox. So with us, you don’t just get to Web/App Development, you don’t just get collaborative tools like LMS or ERP, you don’t just get to have an agency helping you in digital marketing, we can help you build the cloud infrastructure to support all of those things as well. Really really excited to share these things to even more humans. As always, More options and more choices for more humans. Yay. 🤯

(Update!) Hooman Cloud Management Services: Unboxing and Unveiling Ancient Technology 3
Eeman Bulotano

Founder and Chief Digital Officer. Full Stack CX Design and Development. Digital Experience Professional. Business Development / Design. Branding. Beat Making.

By: Eeman Bulotano

Founder and Chief Digital Officer. Full Stack CX Design and Development. Digital Experience Professional. Business Development / Design. Branding. Beat Making.

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