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Referral Incentive Program

a Human 🤗

Earn up to ₱20,000 (or more)
for every referral

Hooman Connect Referral Program 1

Hooman Referral Program

Earn up to


(or more)
for every new client referral

How to qualify?

Open to anyone and everyone

  1. Anyone can submit referrals via the form below
  2. An automated reply will be sent to you confirming that we will be coordinating with your referral.
  3. Once the project closes, our team will be contacting you about claiming your incentive.
  4. In case two referrers shared the same contact. The first who submitted the contact will be the one qualified for the program.
  5. You may choose the applicable incentive for you.


  • Subscription Discount – Get a 20% discount on your next billing
  • Project Discount – Get a 5% discount on an existing or new non-subscription project
  • Sodexho Gift Certificates – Get Sodexho Gift Certificates based on 2% of your referral’s project value.

Start Earning with Hooman 💖

Connect a Human is Hooman’s incentive program
aiming to reward referrals from anyone.