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2021 Brand DNA. Anatomy + Identity.

Hooman Design - Human Centric Digital Experience Provider in the Philippines

Before we start,

What is Customer
Experience (CX)? 🤔

Who we work with

Experience (CX) 😊

Before we talk about what we need,
let’s take a look at why we might need it.

In any business, the customer is always the key to success so what they experience is very important part of any mission.

CX is the totality of how customers engage with a company / brand. Not just in a snapshot in time, but throughout the entire arc of being a customer.




Customer Relationship




Customer Experience

From providing customer service to maintaining customer relationships to building unforgettable user experiences, understanding CX allows any organization to actually provide what their customers actually need. 


Customers decrease spending after 1 bad experience 🤦‍♂️


Customers actually stop spending after 1 bad experience 🙅‍♀️

How We Work

What we should be providing our human customers?

Humans have evolved throughout time without having to depend on digital things. Humans Survive. What we want to provide is access to digital transformation that lets humans do things beyond survival. Thriving in the 21st Century.

Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 1

The Evolving Human
(Yes, we can evolve without digital)

Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 2

Digital Transformation
(What we offer)

Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 3

Humans doing more things
(Human Revolution)

Humans can evolve
even without our brand 🌱

This is why organizations should be able to provide a product or service that can help customers become even better than their view of their best selves. Like how Digital Transformation can help Humans become the versions of themselves they never thought was possible.

What the what happened?

What disrupted
the human life cycle? 😯

This happened

Digital Transformation 🚀

The digitization of life led to customers being more in control of what they purchase. Giving humans a glimpse of the things they can do beyond their natural capabilities.

This is why we think, it’s important to help more human organizations to get digital transformation. This is what we provide our customers. Revolution.

Hooman Design Philippines - Digital Experience Provider 2021

MIT’s Building Blocks for Digital Transformation [1]

Established companies face daunting changes as they attempt to introduce digitally inspired customer value propositions. MIT CISR research has identified a set of building blocks that develop assets essential to delivering digital value propositions.

Essential Digital Capabilities

Your foundation for digital transformation


Unified data & Processes

    • Integrated data and processes (ERP, CRM, broadcast platform, MAMS)
    • Getting rid of organizational silos and their own definitions of processes, measures, customers
    • Facilitates common view of product, customer and performance

Analytics & Data Capability

    • Harvesting data and converting these to insights
    • Combining integrated data with a poweerful analysis tool to create strategic value
    • Needs culture and skill, above the investment in technology 

Business and IT Integration

    • Trusting partnership between business executives and IT leadership
    • Information seen as a threat must be overcome by a willingness to partner and share

Solution Delivery

    • Companies need capabilities to modify processes or build new methods onto the data and processes platform.
    • Options include in-house, outsourced, or hybrid teams.

The Challenge

Digital Transformation is Still Expensive in the Philippines 😔

Okay, so now we know that for companies to be able to provide better Customer Experiences (CX), they need Digital Transformation (DX)

Here’s the catch, it always come with a cost. A LOT OF COST.



Usual ERP Implementation Cost in the Philippines



Usual LMS Annual Cost for a 500-student School



Usual Cost to Build a Basic Website in the Philippines


What should we do?

Digital Transformation isn’t the next big thing anymore, it’s a basic need and basic needs should be more accessible.

Eeman Bulotano

Founder and Chief Digital Officer

How do we
Design for Humans? 🧐

Rule number 1

To be human
is to be free to choose ☝️

Hooman Design Corporation Logo - Digital Experience Provider in the Philippines
Hooman Design Corporation Logo - Digital Experience Provider in the Philippines

Who we are

We are a human-centric digital experience provider
in the Philippines.

We aim to help every organization seeking to Live, Learn, and Love in the 21st century with Accessible, Affordable, Adaptive, and Attentive digital experiences.

We Want to Provide More Options and More Choices.

Our Mission

To help humans achieve their goals with human-centered digital experiences 😊

Our identity

We are a
Human Agency

We aim to provide more options and more choices.

Human agency is the capacity for human beings to make choices and to impose those choices on the world.

We believe that learning, living, and loving is at the core of being human. To do what we want. When we want to.

For humans.

With humans.

As humans.

To be human is to have a choice.

Through the digital experiences we discover, design, develop, and dedicate, we aim for both of us and our customers to have more options and more choices.

We are not heroes.

We are not saviors.

We are like everyone.

Everyone is like us.

We are humans.

We share what we have

We get what we need.

Equivalent Exchange.

These ideas reflect our identity.


Our Anatomy

Like every human, we are built with different parts that serve different functions. This is the Hooman Design.

The Hooman Design.

The Hooman design is the framework of the company. This is our anatomy and it’s composed of a combination of different ideologies and studies that we think are going to help us achieve our goals of providing more options and more choices both for us and our customers.

Our Values:
We Start with Our Hearts.

Our Processes:
We Build with Our Heads

Our Offerings:
We Help with Our Hands.

Our Anatomy

To achieve our mission, we need to have a clear framework of our operations. A vision is nothing without a map. With the Hooman Design, we are organizing our way of work to ensure that we have an anchor whenever we get lost.

Combining P21’s Framework for 21st Century Living, Ideo’s Design Thinking Approach, the Study of the Psychology of Human Agency of Bandura, Albert, and structuring it using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle, we developed our identity and story around Why we do this, How we do this, and What we actually do.


Our Values

We Start
with Our Hearts

Though we think before we do, like all humans, what we feel is at the core of everything we do.
The unquantifiable and abstract part of the equation is at the core of our equation.

Human agency is the capacity for human beings to make choices and to impose those choices on the world. We are human when we choose.

We can be more human with more choices.

To be human
is to learn.

To be human
is to live.

To be human
is to love.

To be human
is to be free to choose.

Values ❤️

With being a human agency at the core of our identity, we want to try to at least have core values that resonate with the core of being a human being: Evolution.

Our values aim to constantly try to help us revisit and remember what being human is. We think regardless of culture, origins, or goals, every human seeks to Learn, Live, or Love.

This is what we don’t want to forget.

We Want to Learn

We aim to be dynamic and transformative

Humans evolve. We grow and improve ourselves. We constantly find ways to learn and understand more about the things around us. We evolve.

We Want to Live

We aim to be clear and precise

Humans survive. We constantly try to build simple and straightforward solutions and we strive to keep our approach clear and precise. We survive.

We Want is to Love

We aim to be empathic and fair

Humans grow other humans. Empathy is our cornerstone. It helps us understand each other and the situation so we can take the fair course of action.


Our Processes

We Build
with Our Heads

For us, our customer best knows and decides where to land their feet and take the next steps to their future. This is why our process heavily revolves around helping our human customers identify all the available options we can provide for their goals and capacities.

What is Design?

Design is the purpose, planning, or intention that exists or is thought to exist behind an action, fact, or material object.

Design is a process at the core of our ways of working here at Hooman. With our mission to enable humans to achieve their goals with human-centered digital experiences, we design around every human element of our solutions and not around technology. Because at the end of the day, evolution is not about the tools. It’s about the people.

Design is about the human.

"Design is a work process which has a user perspective and drives development based on each specific customers’ needs."

Design is often mistaken as only an aesthetic component of many things. It is not and it never was. Design is the core of any solution for any problem. It revolves around what is needed and it is the infrastructure for a truly human-centered and future-proof solution.

Design Thinking.

“An iterative process in which we seek to understand the user, challenge assumptions, and redefine problems in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent with our initial level of understanding.”

At hooman, we heavily rely on design thinking before we offer digital experiences for our customers’ human solutions. We always start by really understanding and emphatizing with the customers before we define the problem, ideate solutions, build prototypes and test.

Empathize 😍

Developing a clear and deep understanding of the challenge.

Define 📝

Clearly articulating the problem that needs to be solved.

Ideate 🧐

Brainstorming, selecting, and building potential solutions.

Prototype 🤖

Designing a series of prototypes to test all parts of the solution.

Test 👩🏻‍💻

Engaging in a short-cycle testing process to refine and improve the solution.

Processes 🧐

Driven from IDEO’s Design Thinking Method. This is how we work.

Discover Digital Experiences with Hooman Design

We Discover

We learn about the humans we work with

We always aim to gather enough information through research and testing to keep identifying new challenges and opportunities.

Design Digital Experiences with Hooman Design

We Design

We map the process of being human

We translate what we know to structured frameworks aiming to be the anchor of our development processes. Balancing both capacities and opportunities.

Develop Digital Experiences with Hooman Design

We Develop

We build as lean and agile human beings

We deploy from our design as we combine lean and agile tools, processes, and workflows. Aiming to be efficient and effective for both us and our customers.

Dedicate Digital Experiences with Hooman Design

We Dedicate

We continually sustain and grow as humans

We ensure that everything we do is have the right process, tools, and people dedicated to support and help the humans we work with. Aiming to truly nurture the relationship between humans.


Our Solutions & Services

We Help
with Our Hands

Industry 4.0 is here. Transforming all fields, disciplines, and economies. The result of the connections brought by the 3rd Industrial Revolution paved the way for the singularization of the physical, biological, and digital worlds.

This means humans do need more options and more choices to communicate, collaborate, critically think, and create.

These are the solutions we offer to our customers

What humans need

21st Century Skills
We Need 🚀

Thriving in the 21st century demands a unique set of competencies from all of us. P21 came up with the Framework for 21st Century Learning that was based on recommendations of teachers, education specialists, and business leaders.

Learning and living in the 21st Century requires each individual to be able to communicate, collaborate, critically think, and become creative.

Through digital experiences that ensure the effectivity and efficiency of each skill, we try to help every human we work with achieve their goals.

Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 4


Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 5


Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 6


Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 7


Offerings 👌

To address the human need of thriving in the 21st century by providing accessible and affordable digital experiences.

Hooman Experience = Human Solutions + Digital Services

Solutions – the answer to the problem
Services – the action to the problem

Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 8

Solutions: Digital Communications

Enabling You to Connect Effectively with Other Humans

Digital Marketing
Social Media

Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 9

Solution: Digital Collaboration

Enabling You to Work Effectively with Other Humans

Process Design
Operations Automation
Enterprise Resource Planning
Learning Management System

Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 10

Solution: Digital Critical-Thinking

Enabling You to Think More For and With Humans

Research & Workshops
Analytics Dashboard
Automated Reports
Data Consolidation

Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 11

Solution: Digital Creativity

Enabling You to Create Effectively for Humans

Product Prototyping
Web/App Design & Development
New Media (Graphics, Videos, VR/AR)

Our Approach

We Combine Open Source, Premium, and Self-Built Digital Tools

To make our offerings affordable and accessible, we utilize open source as the core of our solutions. Enabling us to diminish costs while at the same time providing our customers the option to eventually sustaining the solutions by themselves.

Ensuring that they always have more options and more choices.

Hooman DNA - Our Identity and Anatomy 12
Hooman Anatomy 2021

This is where we anchor our operations.

Aiming to grow and evolve
to provide more options and more choices
to more humans.

Both internal and external.

Our identity and anatomy.

The Hooman DNA.

The Hooman Design.

We design

for humans.

We design

with humans.

We design

as humans.

We are

Hooman Design Corporation Logo - Digital Experience Provider in the Philippines