ERP Setup Checklist for Filipino Companies in 2022

Eeman Bulotano
June 12, 2022
ERP Setup Checklist for Filipino Companies

Things to consider when implementing an ERP Solution.

ERP implementations are time-consuming and expensive. Before committing to 1, you must bear in mind the landscape. finishing up an implementation without proper expectations and full knowledge will prove expensive in both time and money.

Regardless of whether you’re not familiar with the ERP market or considering a change, this post will help you identify and navigate common ERP implementation problems. With this post, we’ll discuss different ERP implementation methodologies used, what factors to think about, the challenges, best practices, and even common reasons why ERP implementations fail.

Luckily, great people from the ERPNext community shared their wisdom with some very nice tips. Here are some key things we learned from them:

ERP implementation life cycle

First let’s take a look at a standard ERP implementation life cycle, to give you some reference. You may call these the stages that occur in the implementation of an ERP.

1. Evaluating ERPs

Either you’ve found the company’s ERP or substitute the one you’re using. So you search online, visit review pages, and even query others in your business circles. Thoroughly vetting ERPs is extremely important to find out if it’s a nice match for your business in terms of functionality, accessibility, expense, etc. Only with a demo and consultation, can you acquire greater information. Really explore the ERP method and try a design if it’s going to work for you. You have to research a lot to have plenty of details. Before selecting an ERP, ask senior management what’s relevant for your company.

2. Gap analysis

Usually provided by your ERP service consultants after having an overview of your current method. Consultants recognize conflicts between the ERP and your existing business procedures. Finding out if your current process and objectives are things the software has the features to support it. So you have to be really clear about your process and targets. 

3. Data migration

Data migration occurs when it is clear that the business processes can be interpreted into the ERP. This implies that you import all of the current data into the latest ERP from the old system. By importing all relevant business data such as financial reports, receipts, customers, and supplier information, you’ll have more time to process real-time information.

4. Customization

This brings us to customization, which includes filling in gaps with custom features for development. Customization takes care of all the gaps so that all procedures can be thoroughly interpreted by your company to the expensive ERP you are applying.

5. Testing

Multiple rounds of testing are needed before declaring the system production-ready. When lots and lots and lots of customizations are involved, this is usually very accurate. Both the ERP service providers and the customer company checks the system to fix any bugs so that it works perfectly in production.

6. Go live

It’s time for the ERP service provider to declare that the implementation has been completed when all gaps are filled, employees have adapted to the new ERP, and extensive testing is completed. This introduces you to AMC or support arrangements where an annual fee is charged by the ERP service provider to keep track of the software and supply assistance. It’s a great idea to count adjustments before and after the implementation of ERP to assess how much time you really save.

Source: ERPNext Blog

Going live is only the start of the real battle. It is when you truly begin to have more awareness of every detail of your activities. Allow you to control and track your business anytime and anywhere. Enabling you to create the data-driven choices you need to accomplish your goal.

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