Small Business Assistance Program

for Micro-Enterprises 📊

Grow your micro-business without spending so much of your OPEX

for Micro Enterprises

For as low as


per company per month
  • Complete access to key features
  • Up to 5 users for ERP
  • Up to 50 students for LMS
  • Get started for FREE

How to qualify?

Open to all registered Micro-Enterprises

Just submit the documents below

1.) Company Profile
2.) SEC Registration / DTI Registration
3.) Articles of Partnership or Incorporation and By-Laws
4.) Current General Information Sheet (GIS)
5.) BIR Certificate of Registration or BIR Form 2303
6.) Organization Structure of the company

Get your Hooman Micro-Enterprise Help 💖

As part of our mission to help you achieve your goals, we’re giving discounts to micro-enterprises so you can kick-off your digital transformation and build the foundations of your future with us.