Eeman Bulotano III 

Founder & Chief Digital Officer.

“CX isn’t about being the best or being the first. It’s about being always true and there for you”

Hello, I’m Eeman.

Name: Manuel “Eeman” Bulotano III
Email: [email protected]

BS Computer Science, De La Salle Araneta University

Full Stack CX Design.
Business Development.
Open Source Tech.
Beat Making.

Who am I.

I’ve been a digital marketing professional since it’s early stages in 2011. I’ve worked in both B2B and B2C setup as head of digital experiences and have balanced both technology and business objectives to be able to contribute to the company’s steps to achieve their missions. Always aiming to balance Business and Advocacy Objectives through Technology in every project.

Where I came from.

Digital Marketing Supervisor
MEC Networks Corporation (2010-2016)

Digital Marketing Manager
Vivo Mobile (2016)

Senior Digital Marketing and Brand Associate
REX Book Store (2016-2018)

Chief Hustler & Co-Founder
Haraya Learning Innovations (2018-2019)

Digital Experience Manager
MEC Networks Corporation (2018-2021)

Founder & Chief Digital Officer
Hooman Design Corporation (2019-Present)

Some Stuff I Did When I Was Young.

Check out some of the stuff I did before.
Most of these I did most of the things from planning to execution and monitoring.

Eeman Bulotano 3

B2B Corporate Website
(2012 – Present)

MEC Networks Corporation

CMS and product/solutions/services portfolio developed with marketing in mind for SEO and content distribution. Other features include newsletter sign ups, inquiry system, and the ability to create any content interactive through animations and infographics.

Eeman Bulotano 4

Low-Cost Internal Portal
(2012 – Present) 

MEC Networks Corporation

“MeCollaborate” – A platform to view event schedules, create job orders for product promotions like events and merchandize production and design, leave applications and other internal forms to have more efficient workflows within the department.

Eeman Bulotano 5

Corporate Branding
(2014 – 2016)

MEC Networks Corporation

Collaborated with key stakeholders to develop branding guidelines that’s ready for digital experiences, UI, and UX.

Eeman Bulotano 6

Content Marketing Strategy
and Design Guidelines
(2017 – 2018) 

REX Group of Companies

Created design guidelines and frameworks to ensure the cohesiveness of messaging throughtout all communication channels internal and external.

Eeman Bulotano 7

Content-Centric Website
(2017 – 2018) 

REX Group of Companies

Handled integrated marketing efforts by having a content-centric website that connects and collaborates with all marketing communication channels. Heavily boosting traffic and retention time of customers to ensure the delivery of messaging.

Eeman Bulotano 8

E-Commerce Redesign
(2017 – 2018) 

REX Group of Companies

Hand in hand with the content-centric SEO friendly website, redesigned the company’s e-commerce website to accomodate mobile friendly purchases and integrate with all communication channels.

Eeman Bulotano 9

Chatbot Integration
(2017 – 2018)

REX Group of Companies

To strenghten customer engagement and readiness in addition to handling more than 20,000 facebook messages per month. Utilized artificial intelligence and automation to create a chatbot that’s connected to social media and all digital channels.

Eeman Bulotano 10

Customer Data Centralization
(2017 – 2018) 

REX Group of Companies

Created a a backend system to help connect all communication channels to sales activities like contacting customers or updating and understanding customer information. A low-cost customer relationship management system.

Eeman Bulotano 11

Customer Engagement System
(2017 – 2018)

REX Group of Companies 

Automated the whole data centralization and support/sales/marketing communication to customers with an omni-channel implementation of a ticketing system. That’s also connected to a content-powered knowledge base.

Other freelance projects

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Eeman Bulotano 13
Eeman Bulotano 14
Eeman Bulotano 15
Eeman Bulotano 16
Eeman Bulotano 17
Eeman Bulotano 18
Eeman Bulotano 19

Other stuff about me

I put the responsiveness of design with every platform/media in mind when developing experiences. I do management,  hands on design/development, and analyzing monetization of marketing activities. Kind of became natural with digital stuff and always updated with the latest things in technology, arts, and business. I try to manage every project in both scientific and artistic approach to achieve aesthetic and architectural objectives.

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