Some Weird Things Digital Marketing People Do

Eeman Bulotano
November 8, 2017

Eeman shares his views on how digital marketing campaigns are usually executed and some resources to maybe not make it weird. Maybe?

A decade ago, “digital marketing” wasn’t a thing, it wasn’t until in early 2010 when more and more brands started building their own digital marketing teams here and there to take advantage of the changing landscape of the way people are taking information. I started being a digital marketing “professional” (because I get paid doing it) some time around 2011 when things are still crazy and most marketing and sales people are still reluctant about digital media and its validity as a legit selling and promotion strategy. Luckily, I was working for a company that’s fond of investing in experimental things and I was able to become their first digital marketing person. As a graduate of B.S. Computer Science, I had the skills and training to develop web sites and applications so I rarely outsourced those things. Back then, I always believed that reaching people through whatever channel we’re using (Email, Social Media, Search, Etc.) wouldn’t do much if we don’t have a steady infrastructure (Like everything you’ll ever wish in this world). So from scratch, I built the company’s website, gathered all the essential contents and designed everything first before we started actual promotions. CTA’s should always be the end point of any campaign.

And it was validated eventually when more and more people were talking about digital marketing. I don’t think I need to link it here but if you google any generic strategy templates for digital marketing or modern marketing communications, you’ll find that they always say the same thing: it’s always about experience and integration. What I don’t understand is why whenever I check out some (meaning: a lot) digital marketing campaigns of local brands (especially in social media), they usually do one off “viral” posts that results to maybe a lot of likes and views but without any call to action or anything that might be benefiting the organization. At the end of the day, it will all boil down to goals but without CTA’s, how are they even measuring whatever goal they might have?

This is an issue because this will be really damaging to the industry as more and more people become digital marketing “professionals” without fully understanding integration, more and more companies are gonna be hiring them (due to the growing demand) and more one off strategies will be made, leading to more money being wasted and more of the internet becoming trash (and I’m not even gonna start talking about fake news).

One problem is making social media the center of the strategy and measuring it via vanity metrics. Declaring likes and shares as measures of success instead of actual leads. This is bullsh*t as likes and shares can be easily achieved with a couple of pesos through advertising and can be easily bought. Maybe this is because a lot of the people in the industry are too afraid to commit to target revenues so instead they measure brand equity through this vanity metrics. In a quick glance, it looks nice but without solid leads, any campaign is waste of valuable resources for me.

So yeah, this sucks. So maybe to try to change things up I’m just gonna share the frameworks I usually follow for creating digital marketing plans wherever I go. These are things people can easily google and understand so I’m really lost as to why I’m rarely fascinated with things I’m seeing online. It’s like most ads are print ads without paper when they can be SO MUCH MORE.

Anyway, here’s the link for the deck: A CALL TO ACTION YOU CANNOT MISS

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Eeman Bulotano

Founder and Chief Digital Officer. Full Stack CX Design and Development. Digital Experience Professional. Business Development / Design. Branding. Beat Making.

By: Eeman Bulotano

Founder and Chief Digital Officer. Full Stack CX Design and Development. Digital Experience Professional. Business Development / Design. Branding. Beat Making.

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