About Us

We are a Human-Centric
Digital Experience Provider in the Philippines ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ

We are a Filipino human agency in a digital world. We are focused on providing human-centric digital transformation to organizations aiming to make the most out of what they have to achieve their goals.

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About Hooman Design 7
Who is Hooman - About the Human Agency

We are a Digital Agency
We are a Human Agency ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿš€

As digital transformation becomes a more and more essential part of business continuity, we believe that it can only be maximized by making sure that we donโ€™t forget the core of true sustainability: being human.


(also spelled Houman, Human, Whoman)
ู‡ูˆู…ู† A Persian name which means benevolent and good-natured

To be human is to be free to choose.


Get to Know the Hooman DNA

The Hooman DNA - Our Identity. Our Values, Processes, and Experiences
Hooman Hands - Human Solutions 2022 (1)

Our Solutions

We Help
with Our Hands ๐Ÿ‘Œ

We help humans with human solutions and digital services derived from P21’s Framework of 21st Century Learning and Living.


Hooman Head - Human Processes 2022 (1)

Our Processes

We Work
with Our Heads ๐Ÿง 

We work with human-centric approaches and processes inspired by IDEO’s Design Thinking Method.


Hooman Heart - Core Values 2022 (1)

Our Values

We Start
with Our Hearts ๐Ÿซ€

We start everything we do with human-centric values anchored around the Human Agency Philosophy.ย 


Team X 2023 - Hooman

Digital Transformation
x Human Revolution

Our Mission

To Help Humans Achieve Their Goals with Human-Centered Digital Experiences ๐Ÿ˜Š

We aim to help every organization seeking to Live, Learn, and Love in the 21st century with Accessible, Affordable, Adaptive, and Attentive digital experiences.

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Our Values

What is it like
to be human? ๐Ÿค”

With being a human agency at the core of our identity, we aim for our values to revolve around one thing: being human. Our values aim to constantly try to help us revisit and remember what being human is.

We think regardless of culture, origins, or goals, every human seeks to Learn, Live, or Love.

These are the things we don’t want to forget.


We Live

Humans survive.
We aim to be clear and precise.

We Learn

Humans grow.
We aim to be dynamic and transformative.

We Love

Humans feel.
We aim to be empathic and fair.

Our Founding Team

Built by Humans, with Humans,
For Humans. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

100% locally grown agency in the Philippines.

Chief Digital Officer

Oldest human in the team. Takes care of all things digital for all things Hooman. Addicted to sleep.

Eeman Bulotano

x Chief Digital Officer

Chief Dedication Officer

Ensures the sustainability of Hooman. In charge of all things operations. ERP Projects Lead.

Jillian Fontanilla

x Chief Dedication Officer

Chief Development Officer

Ensures Hooman keeps growing. In charge of all things business dev. Digital Marketing Projects Lead.

Harley Manicad

x Chief Development Officer

Chief Design Officer

Ensures human-centricity of Hooman. In charge of all things identity. Design projects lead.

Cynna Lemoncito

x Chief Design Officer

About Hooman Design 8

Our Advocacy

Since day 1, 20% of our net profit has always been dedicated to non-profit education initiatives ๐Ÿง‘๐Ÿปโ€๐Ÿซ

Digital Transformation for Humans ๐Ÿ™‚



Assembled by four humans aiming to share what they have for more options and more choices with more humans.


Projects Worldwide

Providing Digital Transformation for companies of all shapes and sizes in both local and global settings.


Industries Served

Mixing and matching solutions for any kind of company to get ready for industry 4.0.


Locally Grown

Founded and developed fully by Filipinos in the Philippines.


of Business Built Online

Majority of business growth generated from our own digital marketing programs


Humans Encountered

Humans reaching out to us to discuss and discover more ways to build more options and more choices.


Service Items Ready

Continually and rapidly expanding Digital Services Portfolio to build more options and more choices.


Tickets Resolved

Support processes and systems aiming to ensure the dedication of digital services to human solutions.

Partnered with humans of all shapes and sizes ๐Ÿฅฐ

Manor Review Center
SpeedMax International Cargo Forwarding
Mega Global Corporation
Philippine College of Physicians
Consolidated Robust
Arellano Law University
Sleepwell Mellatonin
Divine Wisdom Altruism Academy
Fabrica MNL
My Solutions Inc.
Manila Catering
Divine Wisdom Christian Altruism Academy 1

…always going the extra mile to deliver excellent service.

Definitely recommend their team for always going the extra mile to deliver excellent service. We availed of their Learning Management System and Website Development services for our school and they were always patient enough to hear out concerns and recommend detailed improvements. They’re also very easy to talk to which makes meetings productive and efficient ๐Ÿ‘


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Conrad Manalansan
School Administrator
Sleepwell Melatonin 2

…It is run by professional and creative individuals.

True to its name, Hooman is focused on their clients. It is run by professional and creative individuals who utilized design thinking to come up with solutions tailor-fitted to their clients. Their staff are friendly and patient.


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Frazdic Sta Ana
Group Brand Manager
MySolutions Asia - FB

…professionalism, flexibility, and quality of work.

I highly recommend Hooman Design because of 3 things: professionalism, flexibility, and quality of work. They are young creative individuals who will make your company’s website stand out from your competitors. They will not just build your website, but they are also after building your brand, which is very essential in marketing. God bless, team Hooman!


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MySolutions Asia
Chief Marketing Officer
One Petrix 3

I highly highly recommend Hooman Design.

Their team has been super helpful all throughout the set up process.

Theyโ€™ve been very patient from the very beginning. Hooman design has one of the finest customer service Iโ€™ve experienced so far. Service is exceptional.

I availed their ERP system. Monitoring everyday operations has become so much easier. Their system is really convenient to businesses like ours.

Setting up was definitely a challenge especially for us who did not have any background knowledge regarding ERP systems. Their team was extremely hands on and super approachable, we were able to understand and set everything up with their guidance.

Thank you so much Hooman Design. I am more than satisfied with your product and service.


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Nicolle Sy
Alisson Shore 4

Will definitely recommend Hooman Design!

Thank you so much Hooman Design! Setting up a website has never been this easy; and the support is always online to help me with the back-end of my website. They also did a good job of designing my pages and they will help you out with your vision, turning into a working reality. Will definitely recommend Hooman Design!


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Em Sambayan
RnB & HipHop Artist
Headroom Architecture 5

Their process is collaborative and user-centric.

When we decided to rebrand Headroom, we know from the onset that we need creatives that understand our studio DNA. Hooman definitely fit the bill. They gave us a fresh brand logo, brand identity, and an awesome website. Their process is collaborative and user-centric. 11/10 will recommend.


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Kevin Nieves, UAP
Design Director โ€“ Co-Founderโ€‹
PDB Cleans 6

…the highest recommendation for your team!

A Website mirrors the company identity which gives it a face and soul. I couldnโ€™t be any happier with the website that your team developed. Thank you Hooman.Design for being a helping hand to a startup company like PDB! This team has a lot of expertise but their people skills helped them understand the clientโ€™s need and mission. Their genuine desire to help a company achieve its goal really stands out. I have nothing but praise and the highest recommendation for your team!


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Paula Bulaong
Dr. Karl Tan

Highly recommended.

One of the few versatile digital technology companies that focuses on their client’s need thru state-of-the-art innovations.
No regrets in working with this team! Great job.


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Dr. Karl Marvin Tan
Head of Web Committee

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