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Search Engine Customization (SEO)

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Contact Management

  • Rich and Functional Database
  • Customer Point System
  • Customizable Market Segments

Campaign Component Builder

  • All-in-one Asset Repository
  • Online Form Builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Dynamic Content

Campaign & Channel Management

  • Customized Marketing Activities
  • Multi-channel Campaigns
  • Visual Campaign Builder

Performance Assessment & Analytics

  • Customizable Dashboard
  • Stage Builder
  • Customer Point Management
Contact Management - Marketing Automation Services in the Philippines

Contact Management

Better understand every lead you get 👁

Build a rich and functional database of Contacts for your business, group them together based on your business needs or based on shared attributes.

Campaign Component Builder

Have all your campaign essentials in one place 📦

Create and manage various types of content that you will use for your marketing campaigns to engage your Contacts. From Assets to Forms, Landing Pages, and even Dynamic Content!

Campaign Component Builder - Marketing Automation Services in the Philippines
Custom Campaigns - Marketing Automation Services in the Philippines

Campaign & Channel Management

Create customized
campaigns for every customer ❤️

With your Contact information and the Components in place, you can now start to create customized marketing activities for your Contacts. Such marketing activities are created primarily in Campaigns. Choose one or more Channels to deliver the content and messages to your Contacts.

Performance Assessment & Analytics

Keep learning how you can improve your campaigns 📈

Analyze trends and assess the performance of your marketing strategy using various tools. From your own Dashboard, Reports, Stages, and even Points you can assign for every contact!

    Marketing Analytics - Marketing Automation Services in the Philippines

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