Why digital transformation
isn’t the next big thing in the PH anymore 🤷‍♀️

(and why it has to be more affordable)

Why Digital Transformation isn't the Next Big Thing Anymore 1

What’s Important

But first, what is CX?

Before we talk about what businesses need, let’s take a look at why we might need it.

In any business, the customer is always the key to success so what they experience are very important part of any mission.

CX is the totality of how customers engage with your company / brand. Not just in a snapshot in time, but throughout the entire arc of being a customer.


Customers decrease spending after 1 bad experience


Customers stop spending after 1 bad experience

How Can We Improve CX? 😳

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Maybe this?

Transformation 🚀

Digital Transformation uses modern digital technologies—including all types of public, private, and hybrid cloud platforms—to create or modify business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market dynamics.

Digital transformation drives foundational change in how an organization operates, optimizes internal resources, and delivers value to customers. Cloud technologies provide the foundation for becoming more agile, collaborative, and customer-focused.

Really Though?

Do we need digital
transformation to survive?

Humans have evolved throughout time without having to depend on digital things. Humans Survive. What we want to provide is access to digital transformation that lets humans do things beyond survival. Thriving in the 21st Century.

Why Digital Transformation isn't the Next Big Thing Anymore 2
Human Evolution
(Yes, humans can evolve w/o digital)
Why Digital Transformation isn't the Next Big Thing Anymore 3
Digital Transformation
Why Digital Transformation isn't the Next Big Thing Anymore 4
Human Evolution + Digital Transformation
= Human Revolution 

Digital transformation
can help us thrive 👨🏻‍💻

Simple elevations in the way any organization operate whether it be the use of their own website for marketing or digitizing their operations like accounting or logistic can help them achieve their goals beyond their imagination. Beyond Human Evolution. The Human Revolution.

How to Design Digital Transformation?

MIT’s Building Blocks for Digital Transformation [1]

Established companies face daunting changes as they attempt to introduce digitally inspired customer value propositions. MIT CISR research has identified a set of building blocks that develop assets essential to delivering digital value propositions.

Essential Digital Capabilities

Your foundation for digital transformation


Unified data & Processes

    • Integrated data and processes (ERP, CRM, broadcast platform, MAMS)
    • Getting rid of organizational silos and their own definitions of processes, measures, customers
    • Facilitates common view of product, customer and performance

Analytics & Data Capability

    • Harvesting data and converting these to insights
    • Combining integrated data with a poweerful analysis tool to create strategic value
    • Needs culture and skill, above the investment in technology 

Business and IT Integration

    • Trusting partnership between business executives and IT leadership
    • Information seen as a threat must be overcome by a willingness to partner and share

Solution Delivery

    • Companies need capabilities to modify processes or build new methods onto the data and processes platform.
    • Options include in-house, outsourced, or hybrid teams.

So… okay… digital transformation’s important.

But that’s not news anymore.

Don’t we all know that? 😪

Building a Better CX is what businesses really need and digital transformation is a tool to do that. 🥺



Still a starter in DX


Digital Starter

59 out of 79

PH Rank in the 2020 Global Connectivity Index 🤦‍♂️

A Long Way to Go

38 out of 120

PH Score based on the four pillars used by the index 🤦‍♀️

The Barrier

Digital Transformation is Still Expensive in the Philippines 😔

Okay, so now we know that for companies to be able to provide better Customer Experiences (CX), they need Digital Transformation (DX).

Here’s the catch, it always come with a cost. A LOT OF COST.


Usual ERP Implementation Cost in the Philippines

Usual LM Annual Cost for a 500-student School

Usual Basic Website Cost in the Philippines

What should we do?

Digital Transformation isn’t the next big thing anymore, it’s a basic need and basic needs should be more accessible.

Eeman Bulotano

Founder and Chief Digital Officer

Why Digital Transformation isn't the Next Big Thing Anymore 5

Open-Source makes DX More Affordable and Accessible

Whether it be your new Website, Your Business Management, Your Learning, or any facet of your operations, utilizing open-source solutions lets do more without having to spend so much.

With open-source, thriving teams no longer need to pay expensive licenses and still hit targets. All part of growing global communities by open-source platforms.

New Blog: 5 Reasons Why Open-Source Can Help SMB’s Save More Time and Money. 😍

Digital Transformation Solutions for Any Industry in the Philippines

We aim to make digital more accessible and more affordable to more humans.

Let us help you get to where you want to go. Get a hug from us.

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