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How LMS can Boost Professional Learning in 2021

Eeman Bulotano
January 28, 2021

How can a Learning Management System elevate your corporate training?

It is now common to see students using their phones, tablets, and laptops even in class. It allows them better access and serves as a personal device of their own. This is a perfect illustration of the use of LMS (Learning Management System). Students greatly benefit from it especially when doing their schoolwork and studying, but the use of LMS for staff professional development (PD) is one thing that school administration has taken for granted.

Here are 5 ways your LMS can help enhance professional development:


In the schools that we’ve handled, there is a developed Professional Learning Communities (PLC) to help facilitate collaboration within courses. An LMS enables records and data to be exchanged in one central location. As an example, teachers can share modules and assignments to students through LMS.

With this, anyone from the school can create a post and everyone that is included also has access to that post. For instance, the coordinator can create an exam for a certain subject and all of the teachers for that subject will be able to use the exam for their students.

It is more efficient to share and collect data in one place. In a file on LMS or a PD class, one can create a certain template for emails and such that everyone may use. It is useful especially in grading students; teachers can use the same template for the whole organization. By using the same approved template, it will save time for teachers and be more accessible for students and parents.

Personalizing Learning

An LMS can be used to evaluate the areas where enhancement could benefit each professional and then provide the correct teaching materials for the job.

A brief lesson on how to use your LMS is needed in order to have a smooth run of things. It is a great way for teachers and staff to understand the technology better in order for them to have easier access to their system. Once the course overview is done and all the staff has passed, then they can now put it into use with their own online classroom and lessons.

Staff or computer department courses may test teacher skills in areas such as writing reviews, classroom management, or department-based individual skills. For instance, when a teacher is not familiar with some of the English terms but is required to have English as a mode of instruction inside the class. After each class, there will be an assessment in order for teachers to improve their weaknesses and eventually be more comfortable with them. The use of LMS will help teachers to develop their skills and gain more knowledge not just in their subject but also in technology, all this additional knowledge without additional expenses.

More Chill for Trainers

It is hard for some teachers to change and adapt to the use of technology in teaching. When technology was new to the school, there were some teachers who would still require printed materials. Now, it is safer and easier to exchange information and/or files online. One main reason for this is accessibility; having the whole class fit into a small phone is much easier than traveling with bags of paper works.

A way of helping teachers to adapt easier to this LMS is to have them use it as a part of PD. For teachers, it is a reduced way to practice knowledge sharing, producing projects, or even taking short quizzes to develop their confidence in using it in their own classes. This will also be a perfect way for teachers to take individual courses and gain online credentials for their job. These courses may be about creating content on the LMS or incorporating knowledge of the data collected. Such credentials may also be shared around the organization so that other teachers can find companions the help them in any area they need assistance with.

Less Time, Less Cost, More Done

It is usual for schools and other companies for their staff to gather in one room for professional development. In LMS there could be an online course in which the staff would attend online meetings and take quizzes, it will be easier for both sides and will save them time. It could be like an online class for professional development, it is also beneficial to some staff because not everyone has to be verified in order to join online courses.

Within individual classes, this connects nicely with gaining digital qualifications. For instance, if one department needed an expert they could go through an online course that would match the department’s standards. This would benefit the teachers for it will help them gain expertise in a short period of time and at the same time, they will learn more about technology. Each department could have a technology specialist that is well known for LMS in order to help other teachers in creating courses and content.


In educating students and even teachers, modeling is relevant. LMS allows you to have a shared file of tutorials on how to use LMS and other similar and useful technologies. It is uploaded for every user to access and to learn, there are also sample lessons in which helps teachers or creators to put content to their work.

With that, teachers and students that are using LMS are aware of how to manage it properly and what to expect from using it. A perfect way to motivate them to use it in their own classrooms is to model for teachers how to use the technology at their fingertips.

With this stuff about LMS, we hope you’ve found some great ways to help enhance professional development.

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Eeman Bulotano

Founder and Chief Digital Officer. Full Stack CX Design and Development. Digital Experience Professional. Business Development / Design. Branding. Beat Making.

By: Eeman Bulotano

Founder and Chief Digital Officer. Full Stack CX Design and Development. Digital Experience Professional. Business Development / Design. Branding. Beat Making.

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