Hooman Featured in “Top 500 Tech Companies in the Philippines” of Village 88

Eeman Bulotano
July 26, 2022
Hooman Featured on Top 500 Tech Companies in the Philippines - Village 88

Philippine Human Agency for Digital Transformation Talks About Origins and Objectives in Village 88 Feature.

Hello, humans! We were so lucky to have been featured in Village 88’s Top 500 Tech Companies in the Philippines. Here, we talked about our origins and how we got to assemble a human agency from the demand for digital transformation here in the country. 

From exposure in the tech and education sector, experiences in digital communications and collaboration, and the fun from memes. It was a very timing activity as well since we just celebrated our 3rd Anniversary last July 12! Check out this video from Village 88’s Youtube Channel.

Village 88 is a network of businesses that aim to bring technology forward in the country by training and connecting developers and businesses to build more options and more choices. Just how we like it. 🥰

Check out their website to learn more: www.village88.com

By: <a href="https://hooman.design/team/eeman" target="_blank">Eeman Bulotano</a>

By: Eeman Bulotano

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