(TL;DR) Hooman Mid-Year 2022 – What’s Up, What’s New, and What’s Next?

Eeman Bulotano
August 23, 2022
Hooman H1 2022 Update - What's Up, What's New and What's Next

Third Year of Hooman Brings Even More Options and More Choices with More Hoomans and More Humans. All in the Cloud. 🤯

What’s Up?

Hello again, humans! Eeman here again to update for Hooman (I know I know, why is it always me, right? I like writing unnecessary lengthy narratives that go with 3D rendered images so get over it, okay? JK 😅) It’s been a wild first half of the year for us. From focusing on growing our idea of building a #HumanAgency here in the Philippines last year, our immediate next step was to double down on ensuring the sustainability of our agency. 2022’s first 6 months were really focused on making sure that we’re delivering our commitments of making more options and more choices for more humans and wew, here’s a (relatively) quick run-through of what we’ve been up to and what to expect in the next half.

140+ Digital Transformation Projects Deployed Across The Globe

As we celebrated our official 3rd-anniversary last month, we also celebrated that though our main focus this year is to ensure client retention and increase efficiencies in service fulfillments, we were still able to significantly grow our customer and project base. We have now officially launched more than 140 (More than double of our 2021 Mid-year) digital transformation projects with many different companies, from many different industries, from different parts of the world. You read that right, this year, we were able to have the opportunity to work with companies beyond the boundaries of the Philippines. More about that later. 🌍 

But bottom line, this year we were so lucky to have continually expanded and explored more digital experiences both with our current and new clients. Thank you so much, humans!

Hooman 3rd Year Anniversary

What’s New?

ERP Services Expand in the Service Providers Industry and Around the World

We enjoy practicing what we preach and beyond that, we aim to go above and beyond by preaching what we practice. So when we provide ERP Services, we ourselves, at the core, of course, use an ERP to manage and monitor our business essentials. It allows us to be as lean and agile as we can be without having to spend so much time and resources.

Services Industry

Given that, as we explored more industries to deploy our ERP Services last year like Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail, we as an agency in the Services Providers Industry of course wanted to share the tricks we have up our sleeves. This year, we were given the opportunity to do that with our new partnerships with service providers like Manila Catering Corporation and Unity Express, with them we were able to deploy new ERP Projects that aim to optimize services from accounting, sales, fulfillment, up to procurement and purchasing with subcontractors. Allowing our clients to have even more flexibility in better understanding their own ecosystem.

International Deployment

Beyond that, this year, we are also given the chance to explore and expand across the borders of the Philippines by being able to deploy new projects with foreign and global companies like Nisje, a group of companies that we’re now collaborating with to find ways and help them consolidate their businesses in one place with an ERP. 

Hooman Expanded Solutions and Services 2022

LMS Services Get Deeper to Optimize Enrollment and Learning Design

Last year, personally, I really enjoyed deploying new LMS Projects in different variations of the solution with different types of companies. From finally entering the basic education space with Divine Wisdom Academy to professional learning in different form factors like ACCESS MCLE and Nautical Options, we were able to collaborate with them to build personalized learning management solutions for their human objectives.

Online Enrollment

This year, we were able to further extend the capabilities and potential of these services with new components we’ve been brewing for quite some time now. As we work with more review centers, beyond the actual learning experiences, enrollment and registration of students can get really hectic especially if you cater to thousands of students. That’s why together with clients like Arellano Law Foundation and Gillesania Engineering Review and Training Center, we built integrated websites for their LMS so that they could both showcase their brand and products along with automating their enrollment process. Students can now just easily create their own accounts and purchase courses or products without having to have human interaction. They can even also do their payments online. Yay.

Learning Design Services

From day 1, we knew that requirements won’t always be about technology. We understand that deploying any digital transformation initiative should include human solutions. That’s why consultancy and support services have always been a part of our portfolio. True to that, recently, with our partnership with Suzuki Philippines, we were able to expand beyond just deploying a personalized and customized learning platform for them. We are also working with them now to design and develop learning experiences through courses and activities that can help them address their professional learning objectives. From designing the lesson plans to creating materials like videos, games, quizzes, and even articles, both teams are hoping for a fully-human digital learning experience.

Hooman Projects Portfolio 2022

Building Digital Experiences with Advertising Pros in the Philippines

Of course, our web design and development services (one of our earliest service items) are also experiencing growth. Recently, we have partnered with the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) to help them revitalize their efforts to champion responsible brand building in the country with a new web portal for their members and advertisers all over the Philippines. Speaking of advertising, we’re also working with one of the Philippines’ rapidly growing and award-winning creative agencies, Gigil to organize their web experiences and deliver their brand to their market. Really really interesting things. 

360 Digital Marketing with More Brands

As the opportunity to collaborate with big brands like Mega Global Corporation and EDIA Home for their Web and Digital Marketing initiatives came last year, we were given a chance to share our experiences in social, search, and even email marketing and advertising, all aiming to work cohesively with the digital experiences we built for these companies. This year, aside from continuing and expanding from where we began with MGC and EDIA, we were also able to explore new projects with learning companies like The Learning Library where we helped them strategize their SEO efforts to reach more parents and with Bo Concept in social and search advertising to reach premium audiences for their premium brand. Further growing the digital marketing arm of Hooman.

Unboxing Ancient Technology with Cloud Management Services 

We’ve always been doing this since day one so we think it’s just right to share what we have. We aim to go beyond practicing what we preach, we aim to preach what practice, and Cloud Computing’s always been a huge component of our operations to keep us as lean and agile as we can be to continue providing affordable and accessible digital transformation. 

And that brought us to officially included Cloud Management Services as part of our portfolio. From web and email hosting to cloud security, performance, and even automation, we’re now offering these services to more humans. TBH this isn’t really us expanding but more on us sharing what we’re already doing. Read more about our release here.

What’s Next?

So yeah. That’s just for the first half of 2022. What’s next? Definitely, learning’s a part of our identity and for sure all of these experiences allow us to discover even more options and more choices for more humans. We have upcoming updates for both new and existing customers for new features and inclusions in your favorite services like ERP, LMS, Web Development, and Digital Marketing. From HR and Payroll Localization to LMS and Web Augmented Reality Integration, and Marketing Automation, along with New Packages and New Programs. Our team of hoomans are working really hard to make all of these things available to more humans so stay tuned.

In the meantime, if you’re an existing or a new client, why don’t we review your current digital transformation roadmap and see how we can help each other out? Feel free to schedule a discovery session with us!

PS: Seriously, I tried to make this as quick as I can when I started writing.



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